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Goin back home again…

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Today I head off for the Vancouver airport and make my way back to Ontario. I had a good time here overall despite the wet weather that is quite common here in BC. In my last blog post I said that I would go to the Vancouver library and I’m happy to say I finally have. I went into the WWII/History section, it definitely had a lot of different books which I had not seen before and the selection of books in general was endless. I spent an hour reading Ernst Udet’s autobiography “Mein Fleigerleben” (My Pilot's Life) but it was the english version called “Ace of the Iron Cross”, its one of my favorite books now.

I did not end up going to Whistler but I did go to Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, I went to the popular restaurant called “The Observatory”. I had a decent experience there but it was not a place I would go to again, for food anyways. The food ended up costing a fortune and it was not very memorable, it was bland/boring, nothing all that “Special” about it. I will say that IF you are lucky enough to get a table by the window you can see almost all of Vancouver. We went at night, around 7:30PM to see the beautiful view, we ended up sitting 15 feet away from the window… so we did not enjoy the view from our table… which is the whole point of going there, to enjoy the view at your table. I had to get up and go to an empty table to get a look, took a few pictures, hopefully they turned out well.

Yesterday I finally went back to Gastown, I wanted to at least go once while I was here, it was raining but it ended up looking really nice despite that fact. I took a whole bunch of nice pictures even though I have a ton already from other times I visited. While we were there I went to Army and Navy, I love that place, it has so much stuff, the stuff is cheap and it’s brand new… it was hard to resist buying stuff. Soooo I got 7 DVDs… 6 are for me, CBC documentaries of WWII and I got Bullit with Steve McQueen on Blu-Ray for my friend, in total I spent 22 bucks… damn good deal.

I’m going to really miss the mountains, I wish I had a chance to ski or snowboard on em, maybe someday. Going back home is really depressing, I’m lucky to have even been to Vancouver three times now, we never go on vacations, ever, I have been nowhere and done nothing, until I came here that is. This is the furthest I have ever been away from Ontario so doing something like this is a really big deal for me, it could be my last time being here again. It gave me a much needed break from most of the bad atmosphere that is back at home, not all of it, but most of it. I won’t go into details right now but let’s just say things have been going downhill even faster since 4 or 5 years ago and the last few years have taken me down to an all time low leaving me in a really depressed state…

The four weeks I had here were mostly enjoyable, I hate it when I have go to the airport when it’s raining, it feels so gloomy and sad. This is the only time I have been pissed off that it’s been raining while I’ve been here. I would like to leave and come back home on a sunny day with no rain, that would be the best, it certainly would make things much less… for lack of a better word… depressing… Hopefully our flight won’t be so damn long coming back, as much fun as it was here, it’s also been exhausting. We have to leave at 2:40 PM, take off at 4:30 PM, the flight should last 4 to 5 hours. I’m not looking forward to the trip back especially because I’m feeling sick right now, I had breakfast at IKEA the other day with a family friend who is a cheap SOB and now I’m pretty sure I have some really minor but annoying food poisoning… I really hope this goes away before I get to the airport, it’s killin me.

I just want to get back home, jump into my bed and squeeze the life out of my stuffed animals, I missed them a lot and my silly dog. I’ll probably go take my dog for a really long walk first, lookin around at my good ol’ city again and think about whatever is on my mind that is bothering me at the moment.

I know this is long so don’t worry about reading it all, I'm just venting a bit and what have you. Anyways, when I get home I'll post my pictures in an album, I tried to do that here but it was not working too well on the laptop.

I’m going get some rest, it’s gonna be one hell of a long day.

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