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Provincial Math Test

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I feel like I shouldn't complete it. I was scared when I took my test, as some of the letters/numbers kept moving. Like, the X, it turned into a laughing face, and was laughing at me. Maybe it's telling me I won't pass, even if I know all the material. I'm scared.

I go to the group home soon, for some "treatment". I don't believe I need the treatment, but I do know I have to get away from home. The thing I don't like is the place is similar to the hospital (with more freedom..) and basically teaches you to live again with structure. I'll be living with 9 other girls, and a bunch of staff that rotate a lot.

One thing I really don't like is they make you take your medication... They even check your tongue. That is kind of disturbing. I don't like that at all. Especially since all medication must go to them. That, however, I understand.. As some girls there do drugs, and they don't want them to get high off someone else's pills. Stuff like that is banned from the house, and will contain you if you are high. (Though, I'm not going there for substance abuse and stuff, that much I do know).

I asked my therapist about it. I'll see what she has to say on Monday.


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