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I am marred now

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sorry that I haven't bin on this past month. I got a job as a bell ringer and on top of that my wedding which whas a good day god she whas so bootiful in that dress.
I just got back from or honeymoon it fill good to be back home I think I'll pop on a diaper to night and snuggle with my new wife.


  1. JoshE2810's Avatar
    Wow! Nice one mate. Does she know?
  2. pampywampy's Avatar
    many nappy returns
  3. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Congratulations Matt! I'm glad you had a lovely wedding, where did you go for your Honeymoon? It sounds like your wife and you are very lucky to have found each other. Enjoy 2011 as your first year as a married man :D
  4. Talula's Avatar
    Congrats matt!!! And well done on the job as well
  5. matt1989's Avatar
    yes Josh she do know and she a AB her saith. babyjess we win to a hotel out of town it whas a nice git away
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