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First Blog Whoooo!!!

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::Sighs:: Why am I even trying to make a blog again, it failed the first time I tried it about 2 years ago.

Well anyways I'll just get to what I been feeling and been up to.

First item on the list of things to discuss is... The Car Accident I was in just over a week ago. I am not going to talk about the accident itself as I have done that enough already. What I do want to discuss is Faith and it changing my "world view".

Now crashing at whatever speed on a freeway and rolling over and walking out of the van itself pretty much unhurt at all I thought I would not take things for granted as much and have more faith in god and all that jazz.

Well I guess I have, I been a little more social, I want to improve my life for the better, I want to improve my faith yet not be one of those bible thumpers where I'll force god into your life and your face.

As for my stance on my education I been "done" with high school for the past 6 months, everyone's known it. Its just not Offical yet since I have done crap on my senior project which is a requirement to graduate. I assume my school is just going to let it slide so I need to get in contact with them tomorrow.

I am also worried about how I am going to be paying for college even if I am going to my local one here in town thats about 6 miles away. I also fear what the workload will be.

Anyways I should break stuff up into small parts and do what I can and not worry so much about the big picture. I and no one else ca do everything at once after all.

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