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The sickness of humanity.

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I had an experience recently that made me question the very thread of humanity. It made me question whether all (or at least most people) really are as selfish as the stereotypes suggest. Now by stereotypes, I mean the saying "people are just so into themselves". How many times has everybody heard that, or at least something similar? Well from the experience I encountered, I can tell you that it is true, and it is deeply sickening to me that a person cannot step out of themselves to dial three simple numbers. Let me explain what I encountered that inspired me to question our morals as a society.

It was a typical windy, slightly chilly desert nigh. Nothing special. I decided I would finally get off my arse and do my laundry which was over flowing. So I walk out of my apartment and start my journey to the laundry mat. I turned the corner and when I did, I heard a women screaming as if she was being murdered. "Someone help me please". I stopped and found out that it was coming from the apartment right in front of the sidewalk. There was a huuuuge guy, at least 6'5 and 300+ pounds, huge even by my standards, and Im 6'1 and 230. Anyways, he was attacking a really small woman, right there out in the open, and when I turned the corner, I caught a glimpse of him doing this, and I yelled "oh shit". Not the best thing to yell, I know. Before I could do anything like confront the guy, he pulled her back into the house by her hair, and slammed the door. Now I was scared shitless, because I could no longer see the guy, and he was most likely armed, so I ran as fast as I could back to my apartment, and yelled to my mom to call 991, and then I snatched the phone and explained the situation. Then I waited for the cops to come, but the guy ran off, and threw a crack pipe in the bush on his way. Eventually they caught the guy, and that was that. I was (and still am) afraid, because there are like 6 people that live in that house, as they are my neighbors and I notice weird shit lol.

Now the whole point of this blog was not to ramble on about what I did, or what happened, but to ask why none of the other neighbors called the police. Everybody was home, you could tell. Everyone's lights were on, and you could hear the victim scream from a mile away. Some windows were even open, which makes me question whether or not I was the only witness. But even if I wasn't, I was the only one that reported it, as the police said. So I just want to know why people are so selfish! How hard would it have been to dial 3 numbers, especially for the people that live right next door (there are a total of 6 apartments that are all clustered together there, and I live right across in another building.) The funny thing is that when the cops showed up, with all of their lights flashing, the whole neighborhood wanted to get involved then. At least 10 people were watching as they searched for the crackpipe and arrested the asshole. I can understand the fear, I was almost shaking from fear because the guy has seen me before, and me and him clearly saw each other in the middle of this incident as we made eye contact. Fear didn't stand in my way! Why would somebody not pick up the phone, from their house, and call the cops! Its really a simple concept. I just want to know why humans are seemingly incapable of stepping outside of themselves, and why they would let a person, let alone a neighbor, scream for her life as they do nothing to even try and stop it. There is a sickness in humanity, and it isn't AIDS, Hepatitis or Autism. Its greed and selfishness. I am truly disgusted, but more importantly disappointed.



  1. Mukirr's Avatar
    I don't think that it's so much selfishness as fear or morbid fascination, maybe apathy. Actually, probably fear or apathy. They just don't want to get involved, either because they have their own issues, or because it's been drilled into their heads from childhood to mind their own business. Actually, I find this better than the alternative: something akin to 1984, where kids are encouraged to sell out their own parents to the government for minor infractions. (I know it's a stretch, but those're my two cents.)

    The point is, as much as you want to complain about it, things like this have been going on forever. The Kitty Genovese case of the '60s comes to mind, but I know for a fact that there are many more instances where this has occurred. I actually find it more interesting that you're only concerned about it now that you've had to see it. But then, it's not uncommon for people to be fully aware of these things before it becomes "their problem" and then do nothing about it. It's kind of like your attack scenario. People are ultimately concerned with themselves, and that's the way it should be.
  2. Maxx's Avatar
    A couple thoughts.....

    1. Its possible that quite a number of people called it in. You would have no way of knowing.

    2. As for jumping in the fray personally, that's always a bad idea in domestic disputes. Often as not, the involved parties forget their issue and join forces against the interloper.

    3. If no one else called it in, its entirely possible that they all thought something like "I'm sure someone else already called."

    3a. There's also the horrified paralysis syndrome. You see something like this and you're frozen "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God".

    I'm as disgusted by a lot of human behavior as the next guy, but sometimes its just a matter of seeing something so off the charts that you just can't digest it and compute a response. Sort of a WTF in 96pt font. LIke if you saw me coming at you on the sidewalk wearing nothing but a giant cloth diaper. Odds are I'd be past you and gone before you could come up with something to say or do in response.
  3. kite's Avatar
    Depending on the current circumstances (as horrible as that sounds), there could be multiple cars in the area all responding to different calls at the time, trying to clear from those calls, and then respond to your location's call. Unless you had a scanner on at the time, there would be no way to tell.
    On the sickening other hand, people could sympathize or even fear the assailant enough to compromise with his demeanor as reasonable or as if she deserved it.
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