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LGstephy first blog.... (Xmas)

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hello everyone ^.^
I haven't done this in a while... to be honest, I don't blog. period.... and yet, every once in a while, I feel compelled to do so. I think I've tried four times since I started coming online and two of them are just about what concerts I've seen in the past.
however, I'm in the "blogging" mood... and part of me wants to start doing it regularly.
but I'm rambling... certainly, no one could argue with that.
I'll make this first one an easy one... Xmas! (or XMAX!!!... as the urban dictionary explains my celebration)
anyway, mine was good... okay, to be honest, it was amazing! I got everything I could have wanted and then some (well, I would had liked the pro guitar for rock band but I certainly wasn't expecting it. afterall, it's really expensive)
aside from that, I felt really close to Rainy (my girlfriend) and we've been having some problems lately. our sex-life in particular has pretty much dried up (well... today was actually the first time in a while... seriously? can't I stay on topic? this is why I never blog!!!)
anyway, Christmas was great for us... I've decided that my New Years resolution this year is going to be to treat her better. I'm a shitty girlfriend, and honestly, a pretty shitty person. I want to be better though. I know that selfishness is only discouraged by the mainstream because it causes a person to contribute less to society... and I'm above that brainwashing mumbo-jumbo :P (I'm half kidding... mostly in my wording. I'm entirely serious with the meaning)
I really do want to treat the people I care about better though, lest I push them all away from me and I die alone. besides that, they deserve better. Rainy deserves better than what I've given her.
this was supposed to be about Christmas! WTF happened?
anyway, this chaotic hail-storm still managed to make me feel somewhat better.
despite the fact that I'd be better off just deleting this, I'm going to post it... afterall, what could it hurt?


  1. LittleHanah's Avatar
    Lol this blog was fun to read xD. You sound like me..kinda going all over the place . ^_^ its ok.

    Im glad Xmas rocked Mine was good too!. And My new years resolution is to not be so grumpy all the time.. xD

    Good luck with everythin !
  2. LGstephy's Avatar
    thank you for commenting LittleHanah ^.^ I half suspected that no one would even read this XD
    my insane rambling typically goes unheard unless Rainy or Wyatt (Teddyhugs) are on the receiving end of my babbling.
    anyway, I'm glad your Xmas went well as well
    and I hope you become less grumpy :P though you don't convey much (or any) grump here on the forums :P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.