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A Crotch Full of Ice and a Stomach Full of Vicodin

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Oy. I'm starting to get back on my feet after my surgery on Wednesday, but what a weird experience! I've spent countless hours icing my groin and popping my pain meds, which, by the way, I HATE. Sure, they work really well, but opiates make your crazy constipated, and coupled with the fact that I can't really bare down at this point, I haven't had a very happy colon :/ Plus, Vicodin feels wonderful while you're on it, but leaves you really groggy when you come off it.

Plus, surgery's kind of depressing. It just makes you feel so -- I don't know -- debilitated, maybe? Every time I look at my wounds it makes me sad. And it's a sad thing to look at too: it looks like someone curb stomped my whole lower abdomen! I've never seen so much bruising. But at least I'll never have to go through it again, and if it all goes well this will mean I'll actually be able to have babies! Hooray for babies! Sort of -- I mean, they're not even conceived yet and already they've putting me through hell and a hamster wheel. Meh, kids. One day I'll have them, God willing, and I'll look back on all of this and be glad I went through it.


  1. LittleHanah's Avatar
    Wow, going through surgery is a big deal o.o Im glad your okay and recovering the best part about surgery is that..its meant to make things better and usually...those bruises wont be there forever AND YES.. HURRAY BABIES! ^_^

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