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Welcome To My Life, Enjoy Your Stay.

Two weeks into my stay in Vancouver so far.

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Nothing really interesting going on here in B.C. as far as traveling goes. Iíve been here two other times before and I was here for a while, I did a ton of stuff every time I came but this time we are just relaxing and enjoying time together as a family. I have plans to actually go into the main Vancouver library this time because I have never been inside, it is quite an interesting building. Iíll probably go to Gastown and check out the Army & Navy store there, I wish we had one of these back in Ontario, they have good deals on pretty much anything you can think of.

We might go to whistler but we aren't really too sure about that yet, just doing things as we go along. I went to downtown Vancouver twice so far, it was fun to see it all again, not much has changed in the last three years since I was here. When I come to Vancouver its pretty much mandatory for me to eat sushi, its a little tradition I have had since my first visit, so, I ate some for lunch at the mall with chopsticks as usual, yummy. The mountains are a pleasant change of scenery and itís beautiful to see them in the winter with all the snow on top of them. I have a perfect view of the mountains from the house on either side.

I go for walks with my auntís dog and take pictures of the mountains when I can, the weather is the same as it always is... rainy, but it's been good for the most part and its very warm compared to Ontario, Iíll upload some shots of the mountains later. The SkyTrain is really fun to use, its super fast and it is pretty much accessible from any location and is cheap, $2.50 for an hour. If they had more of these things around in North America there would be less need for cars I think.

Iíll be here for a little less than two more weeks and then Iíll be heading back home to boring old flat Ontario again, grrrrrr.

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