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Varicocele Surgery

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For years now, I've had a varicocele, and a bad one at that. In my doctors own words, "on a scale of 1-3, yours is a 4." It doesn't really bother me so much, but over the summer it was discovered that it's actually really affecting my fertility. My sperm count was less than a quarter of what's required to make a baby. So I had it removed this morning, and it wasn't fun, let me tell you. At the very least, it was general anesthesia, so I got the honor of conking out for two hours while a doctor pulled my testicles out of a 2cm. wide incision in my inguinal canal -- lovely thought, I know :X

Next thing I knew, I was in the post-anesthesia room with an oxygen tube in my nose and so much gauze in my groin I almost thought I was wearing a diaper! Actually, I almost peed myself today for that very reason. After the vicodin kicked in, I nearly forgot that I wasn't wearing a diaper, and when nature called I almost answered her right there in my bed

It's not too bad now, though. I've been lying in bed all day watching Evangelion online (SO GOOD!) and trying to use my condition as an excuse to ignore my thesis. The day after the surgery is supposed to be the worst, though, so I'm geared up for Hell tomorrow. Good thing I've got that vicodin on hand. God bless whoever invented that stuff.


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