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Oh Mark, you're so 1337.

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I talked about king asswipe Mark before. Well, I still feel the need to laugh at him. lots.


Because of how awesome he is with a computer. Just look at this kickass website he made!

Such a great colour scheme! Neon pink and Raver green are *so* in! Such skill went in on those stock Dreamwaver buttons, I just can't believe how resourceful he is. It certainly kicks the shit out of the old supervisor's piss-poor websites, that I can tell you now.


What a complete douche. Seriously, I'm so glad I only have to put up with this shit for one more month, then I can give him the finger. What a cockbrain. I swear, if i turn around for 5 seconds i feel as if he'd stick a knife in a power outlet. thats how it feels being around him.

Jeez, even Humphrey could make a better website than he could.

Humphrey Sez: "I did make a website!"

Kraiden: Really? When?

Humphrey: "Last weeks!"

Kraiden: Aww, how cute. nothing is better than a bear's imagination. ^_^

Humphrey: "Look! It's right here!"

Kraiden: Such a c-OH MY GOD!


  1. Mysterious's Avatar
    Wow, the layout he made looks terrible. Though based on how you described him, I'm not surprised.
  2. BluTack's Avatar
    If I was a web designer. It's will start off like that. Just to get the site running. Once it's up. Prepare for a massive update.
  3. Corri's Avatar
    Hmm Humphrey knows flash... cwool ^.^

    However, this just sounds like everyday life in this field, there is a reason that dumb ass got picked. Why I don't know, but he did regardless.
  4. Kraiden's Avatar
    He' such a douche. I think I told you all how he asked 2 twins if they were gay together, right?

  5. Error404's Avatar
    [url=]Home[/url] >_> No. That's not a premade layout.
  6. Aki's Avatar
    Redtails: For someone whose job it is to design webpages, and be a supervisor for the company, yeah, it's pretty bad. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.