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Why I am who I am...

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Hey everyone,
I just feel like sharing a post I made on a thread...please comment.
Well, I am not totally positive as to if this is the reason that I am a TBDL now, but I am pretty convinced. Well, I was about 4 or 5 and was in Kindergarten. I hadn't worn a night diaper in a month or so because I had stopped wetting the bed chronically. Well, i was in my Kindergarten class, which was on the second floor. Well, my absolute genius friends decided that we should all slide down the rail of the stairwell. So we did and stopped since we had to turn to get to the second part of the stairs (we were halfway between the ground floor and second floor). So of course we raced to try to get to the rail first and i slipped and fell off the rail when trying to get off. I fell a good 6 feet and was feeling pretty bad, but being the tough boy that I was, I got up and cried a little, only to be brought to the nurse at lunch (it was lunch actually, the bell had just rung I think....IDK how in the world I remember these things...). Turns out I had a concussion. Whoop-de-do. I had to go to the hospital and was on IV, which was no fun. Side note: (not trying to get sympathy)
This fall off the rail led to some of my serious health problems and i was hospitalized once a year because one of my adrenal glads decided that it hated its job so it quit. Back to anecdote: After the fall, I started wetting the bed more, which (the doctors decided and they made the right call here!) was caused by the trauma of that fall (something about my subconscious saying OMG, I just fell down a stairwell, WTF is happening to me! I need to signal to the world!!!). Anyway I had to wear diapers to sleep and even every now and again, when I had a bad night the night before, a pull-up to school. I think maybe this and maybe even my semi-ADHD (not the time for explaining this...I have more of the Hyperactivity than i do the attention deficit, but the AD stems from the Hyperactivity) caused my TBDL-ism.
Thanks for reading and please comment!


  1. Bobbie's Avatar
    Wow! I don't know at all where my tb came from. Ouch the fall must have hurt, but it sure worked out alright didn't it?
  2. EvanNibbler's Avatar
    Yeah, it hurt like a sunovabi*** But I was really tough LOL. Yeah, only some growth stunts, many hospital visits, steroids (perscribed, don't worry XD), and back to normal now so I am fine. xD Just had an awkward trip getting here! Thanks for responding
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  3. ArtikSnow's Avatar
    wow that sounded like it hurt. Well at lest your alive and talking to use here thats all that matters.
  4. ArtikSnow's Avatar
  5. BabyPanda28's Avatar
    It's sounds exciting lol I am also a tbdl want to be friends
  6. LittleHanah's Avatar
    Omgah I used to slide down stairwells alll the time. I agree with Tails, im happy your alive and here.

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