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Weird Way To Wake Up This Morning.

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So this morning i woke up with my diapered butt in the air my face into the pillow my flopsie on my head and my paci still in my maw. Thats not all that was weird after i changed my diaper and went to get breckfest my cell goes off. One of my furry buds calls me and tells me he is going to come and cub nap me for a while and i dot mean the bad way. I declined tho cause i got stuff to go like work and other stuff but if i disappear for a week or so my bud in columbus came and cub naped me. After i ate breckfest i went and got my mail and their was a package for me. ow what went threw my mind was o no this cant be good cause every time i get a gift from a furry bud he goes over broad. Well it was from my daddyfur and he got me an other gift even tho he had already sent me one. Except this only had a note in it that said that this present you wont be able to see untill you move out here with me and my bf. So right not i am trying think what it is. Any one want to help? But yeah what a weird morning. 0_0


  1. ArtikSnow's Avatar
    I just saw my mistake ug and i cant fix them XD fail oh well
  2. Bobbie's Avatar
    How big is the box? Is it heavy, does it make noise when you shake it?
  3. ArtikSnow's Avatar
    He just sent me a small box with a note thats it.
  4. ArtikSnow's Avatar
    the note was in the plain box
  5. ArtikSnow's Avatar
    It was his joke he ment he wanted to come and get me for the weekend for fun - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.