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My mother got PWNED.

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I came downstairs today and my younger brother, who is 17, was watching Antz (animated DreamWorks film from the 90s). He likes those kinds of films and it does make me wonder sometimes whether he has a TB side to him, because he is still very much into kid's films and has a lot of stuffed toys etc. But anyway, as usual, my Mum made a comment at him, something along the lines of, "I can't believe you're watching this", and this time I couldn't stand there and watch her belittle him.
So I said, "You shouldn't try to humiliate your children like that. They remember it and talk about it in therapy." HINT HINT HINT.
"For goodness sake ..."
And then, to my great surprise, my Dad chipped in and stood up for me.
"You should listen to what she says. She knows a lot about therapy ..."

I had been wanting to pull her up on this habit of demeaning us she has for a long time, and I'm really satisfied now that it's been said. Because it is 19 years of putting up with her snide comments that messed me up in the first place. Imagine what she would say if she found about my ABism ...


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