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Sweet talk

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Sweet talk is when some one talks bullshit in the hopes of getting their reader/listeners to reply with what they want. This could be anything from simple attention, be it good/bad or something more sinister like people's identities. So their intent could be simple trolling or wanting to get off with the thought of someone replying to change their fictional diaper. To stealing credit card info for finacial gain. Or potentially a peadophile with a ice cream van who is planning some new routes.

The reason I like the introduction forums as well as know it's a Honey pot for wanna be sweet talkers to dump something sour. Now there is a usual 3 step pattern. Some skip the first one or two and get burnt quicker.

1 - Pretend to be some one you are not. This often comes to borrowing some one else's credability and/or authority. Some times a "brand" as to reduce questions being asked. You don't question's people authority and credability if you fall in to the lull that they're being honest.

2 - The Ruse. This usually is a story of some kind mostly used to toy with your emotions/feelings for the person. Tied in with the above usually. So this step is basically an extention of the above. But some could be asking for sympathy by placing you in their shoes in a situation we have all been in before. Or panic and anger pressuring the person that something needs to be done within a certain time frame.

3 - Asking for it. Now you have your potential victims sturred up and confused and under the cross hair, it's time to pull the trigger. You will ask the question of "What's your favourite color?" "Can you give me the address of Mr Thompson? I need to post these papers before they'll get caught up in the christmas post. We're behind as much as it is. "

People can be pulled in to deception if you find out how they reach out to people in good faith.

Ultimately only a small number of people will be vulnerable to it. And I am sure here people on this forum are extra vigilent given the nature of this being a fetish forum reaching out to children. Sure you know how much of a mine field that already is. But aside from that. There is similar things you get in your spam folder of that wealthy Nigerian with lots of money but doesn't know where to put it. Sure, sure. I will give you a bit of cash and my bank details. In the false promise that I will get XYZ millions. Or Mr. Thompson will get his much needed parcel that doesn't exits. Unless it's a letter bomb :O


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    Mmmm i have never seen any of this on the forum, but thanks for the heads up!! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.