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Diapers on the brain

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Hooray, my first blog post on ADISC! Ive commented on a few threads here and there but haven't engaged much with the community.

Lately though I've had diapers on the brain. Its a cycle with me. I'll go stretches where I don't think about it that often, then it starts creeping up and next thing you know Im busting out the Bambinos :)

Usually when this mood strikes I begin visiting ADISC and other diaper sites more frequently. And as I am doing now putting up a post or two and engaging more actively in the forums. Its a nice way to reach out and relate to others who can understand and accept the desire that is diapers.

Then as the pre-occupation with diapers slowly fades my involvement seems to as well. Personally I feel kinda disappointed when the feeling fades. I like being able to talk and converse with other AB/DLs. Although I have not had the opportunity to do so in RL, having an online conversation is a pretty good substitute for me.

Does anyone else go through this process? Ive heard other people talk about the 'binge and purge' cycle of diaper fetishism, although I cant say its ever been that extreme for me. Like many things in our lives this is usually cyclical, so I would guess that others go through this in various ways as well.


  1. Bobbie's Avatar
    I have gone through theese phases in the past. Currently I am not much caring at all for diapers, but I am OBSESSED with pacifiers. Any certain suggestions about which one to buy?
  2. paddedpants4me's Avatar
    Hmm, cant offer much help there. I only tried paci's once a long time ago and it was whatever the default brand you find in most stores (gerber probably). I keep hearing about adult sized pacis but have no idea where they can be found. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.