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Accents and Relationships

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So this weekend I am at my Dad's house. And I was in the kitchen asking when dinner is being served up. After I had been told off by my Dad's partner for eating toast earlier that it would spoil my dinner. I wasn't waiting around with my hunger.

But as she was present in the kitchen she asked about how I'd gotten on with the favor she asked for later that day. To which my Dad said "Not being funny son. But when you talk, you can come of as threatening." I didn't really understand this at all. But he demonstrated how I tend to raise my voice on certain words. It's nice to add a bit of personality to a voice I was thinking.

But my Dad's partner was backing me saying that I sound like a well educated man. Being modest I couldn't quite accept it. But appreciated the compliment. However she did point out that I don't speak with a strong liking from either my parents or siblings, which is true. This left us to with "So UnMarth, how/where did you learn to speak like that?" This is where it went awkward. To hear you farther come up with his own explanation on how little he knows about me. And to top that off, he likes to exaggerate on a point or two.

He said how I rarely ever spoke as a child, which is true. I rarely did. But he mentioned about the speech therapy I had. Which I don't remember much of, wasn't really as active of had much of an influence as he was saying. Then he dropped the A word. For which is my cue to leave the room. I really aught to set the record straight but I haven't the courage to do it. The word is "Autistic". Where did they get that word from? I know, where that's not really the issue at hand.

I denied I was autistic, but was asked to describe it to my Dad's Partner. I said "What my dad is trying to say is that I have a very analytical mind, I tend to pick out patterns out well and good at general logic". I didn't know what else to say really. But that effectively what swarms my mind all the time.

To which point it turns for the worst my Dad goes out and says "UnMarth, you won't like what I am going to say now". Which I read as, now don't try and argue this with me. I am impressing my lady here with my *special* child. Fuck that. I'm leaving! So I did leave the kitchen but stated I would be listening in.

Well I caught a muffle as I was in the opposite room checking that the slow slow much needed download had finished on the computer. But I basically hear him explaining that I don't see the logic in having a relationship. And am generally no good with the ladies. Be glad he didn't suggest I was gay or anything, given how I haven't managed to bring a partner home where as my siblings have, two of which are younger than me.

But you know what? I am different from the rest of my family. I Feel happy about myself for a lot of different reasons. I am happy without a partner presently. I have a lot of other things on my mind to keep me preoccupied with life being busy in Uni. I don't feel the need to have something to give me purpose. I have my friends at Uni, and I have a few friends here on Adisc.

Oh well, maybe Talula is onto something, she has commented in the past how "awesome" my voice is. Still been on my to do list to submit a recording of it some where to get judgments from those who don't know how I talk.

Combined with Talula's and my Dad's current partner I tend to see myself akin to Tom Jones' talent at having such an attractive voice. Maybe it's my natural mating call? :P


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