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I am excited today. Today I am playing at a music/poetry festival that has the woman who books the glastonbury poetry tent. If I impress her theres a much better chance of her booking me to play glastonbury in 2011. how exciting would that be. Super exciting! Super oober major exciting. That's one to add to the CV.

Sadly I am full of flu so my singing and energy levels are..well...pretty pants to be honest But I have a backup plan. I am going to play todays festival dressed as kiddie as I possibly can. That means my dungareen dress (with extra thick padding uderneath) my fraggle rock t-shirt my hair in bunches and my thick wooly tights that have flowers all over them. Combines with my frog shoes (they're crocs but have frog faces) I cant fail to feel young at heart.
My most recent gigs I have been dressing up all rockabilly, with fantastic 50's halterneck dresses and masses of petticoats (google hellbunny and you'll get the idea) and I feel pretty, but I also feel grown up and well....that's just not me. I always feel like im faking being an adult when I feel grown up. It's like im playing dress up in my mums clothes or something, so whilst its fun to play dress up once in a while. I think todays gig I will just go as me.

I really hope it goes well.

I am already double booked in august for the bank holiday weekend which has left me in a connundrum. I can either play at a punk/folk festival (which i've done two years in a row and loved loved LOVED it) or I can do 4 days/nights at the edinburgh fringe festival. Sadly I think i'm going to have to bow out of the punk/folk festival, which is a shame cause I know alot of my fanbase will be going to that. (my fanbase seems to consist of real 7 year old girls LOL)

Anyway I better go practice cause I havent picked up a guitar in a few weeks and I better run through my songs cause this flu is gonna be really tricky to sing through.

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