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Flyin To Vancouver, British Columbia Today!

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Well, I'm going away for the holidays with my family to BC in 20 mins to visit my aunt, gonna be fun. I don't know what we are going to do just yet but we are planing on doing some cool things there. My flight is going to be a little over 5 hours and will leave at 8:00Pm. We have to depart for Toronto airport at 5:00Pm because it takes like an hour to get there, then we have 1 more hour for eating, then 1 more hour waiting in line for the check point and waiting to board the plane... bahhh...

I probably will be looking out the window a lot on the plane, should be cool to see cities and towns lights all fired up at night while in the air, I'll take some pics too. Now, I play flight simulation games quite a bit and I love to fly in planes but I tells ya, I always feel a little on edge when going on a plane. But these guys are pros, some of them were even navy/army pilots, so they got my back I guess lol.

I have a rather heavy backpack and travel bag to lug around for a bit at the airport before I get on board. I think I brought too much junk with me, I know we have a TV on the plane but I wanted to bring my portable dvd and mp3 player because I could not find my Gameboy, haha, I need to keep busy, gonna be a boring flight. I wish I had a laptop right now, then I could just use that the whole time, oh well.

I have to get going now, I'll report back soon and show some pics.

See ya laterz!

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