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Me = 1, Tooth = 0

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Well, finally went to the dentist's today.

I dunno how it happened, but one tooth in my mouth somehow.... lost the top off it. It started aching about 2 weeks ago, died down, then went apeshit on Monday. The result was 5 days of insane pain, untill I said "**** it" and forked over the cash to go to the dentist's, because I couldn't wait any longer to get it fixed for free.

My options were:

$150 = Tooth Pulled.

$1,600 = Root Canal.

I chose to get the bastard pulled, which sent the crazy indian dentist on a spree of poking, twisting and chiseling. It was both sickening to feel him tisting my tooth around in my gum, Hearing it in my head as the nerves or whatever were being snapped off, and a relief to realise that I'd finally get that mother****er OUT OF MY MOUTH.

The tooth apparently had an absis on it, and it was infected almost down to the root. Damn.

So... yeah. My mouth is still numbed, and it's bleeding like a bitch, but I WIN!



  1. Pojo's Avatar
    Sounds unpleasant...
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