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Health Update, Concert Reflections

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Well, I am getting slowly better. I was kinda scared there about two weeks ago when I could hardly breathe at all (I have had lifelong asthma, so I am not exagerating)...but I have a new medicine helping me, even if the side effects of skin itching and nose bleeds are a little annoying. The ability to breathe is like night and day though. Now that I am getting sleep finally though, I am more tired than ever. Somehow being driven by the desperate need to breathe every minute of being awake really kept me focused.

Not that I liked it though.

Winter break is comming up though, and I am glad that I might be pretty well for it. I didn't have any plans made because I was worried I would just be sick though the month, but well now I am gonna have to call some people ^_^

Oh and speaking of going out, I went to a nice concert in a basement bar (actually the sign calls it a speakeasy) which featured one of my favorite "local" bands. There were a strong audiance of groupies there and probably half of the people I had never seen before. By the time the band was playing two hours after the bar opened, there was standing room only and not really any of it. They call their genre "asshole country"'s best described as country at its heart, but heavily influenced by Nirvana, heavily. They have enough songs about getting high/drunk and dying now they sang a whole set of them rofl. One of my favorite lyrics, "I love the way that wiskey tastes, and the way cocane smells." LOL.

They are a good time for sure!

Although many of you here might not be too comfortable in the crowd I was in as a lot of the folk who were there looks like the kinds of people who might kill someone like us. I've actually seen some of the people "queer bash" people passing on the street when attending this band's concerts and sometimes it plays in a venue in another city I wouldn't be caught dead going into. You know like when you see the white-supremmy crosses adorning a place and other symbols like that your "normal" friends are too obvilious to read. Not that the band has anything against anyone themselves...but well it says little of who might be listening, and it is good drinking, partying music.

I know they will be doing a New Years show somewhere and I know that my new Build-a-Deer and I will be on the VIP list.

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