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Suggest me some music!

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(Yes I realize the title is grammatically incorrect. I did it purposely for laughs.)

So, finals are next week for me and I'm studying and cramming hardcore and therefore listening to a lot of music. Recently, I've hit a wall musically speaking and can't find any "good" music. So I need some suggestions because obviously, I'm looking in all the wrong places and I'm pretty much open to anything. I might critique the suggestions, but probably not (unless it's expected of me). Literally give me anything that you don't think is lame and I can't wait to see some responses (please?).


  1. Legolas's Avatar
    Nirvana, Ramones, Dead Kennedys, The Descendants, Rancid, The Clash, Lady GaGa

    Have fun :p
  2. SlowBro's Avatar
    The Carrier. A Shot Below The Belt. Ruiner. Baroness.

  3. LunaCat's Avatar

    Unless I stated otherwise, I didn't really watch the video portion for most of these, so if they suck, sorry

    --Collide (industrial/goth/darkwave with a middle eastern flair)
    ---- YouTube - Collide - Wings of Steel
    ---- YouTube - The lunatics have taken over the asylum-Collide
    ---- YouTube - Collide - Halo - My - Way

    --Hungry Lucy
    ---- YouTube - Hungry Lucy - To Kill a King
    ---- YouTube - Bed of Flames

    --The Birthday Massacre
    ---- YouTube - The Birthday Massacre - Kill the Lights

    ---- YouTube - Mortiis - Everyone Leaves
    ---- YouTube - Mortiis-Way Too Wicked
    ---- YouTube - Mortiis - Scar Trek / Parasite God
    ---- YouTube - Mortiis - Decadent and Desparate

    ---- YouTube - Vena Cava by Angelspit (Official)

    ---- YouTube - Satyrian - Invictus (Master of Fate remix)

    --Terry Reid
    ---- YouTube - Terry Reid - To Be Treated Rite [Very high quality]

    --Chad Vangaalen
    ---- YouTube - Chad Vangaalen - Molten Light

    --Bear McCreary and BT
    ---- YouTube - BSG - All Along the Watchtower

    --Clint Mansell (The Fountain (I rrrreeeeally like this movie))
    ---- YouTube - The Fountain Soundtrack - 04 Stay With Me
    ---- YouTube - The Fountain ( death is the road to awe ) (not a bad video actually)

    --Bear McCreary (BSG)
    ---- YouTube - 13- Roslin and Adama (This is my favorite theme from the show)
    ---- YouTube - Battlestar Galactica "Gaeta's Lament" by Bear McCreary & Alessandro Juliani [HQ] (With Alessandro Juliani. Another good theme/scene.)

    --John Murphy
    ----(Kickass) YouTube - Hit Girl Rescue Scene - Kick Ass (good scene)
    ----(Sunshine) YouTube - Sunshine OST - Kanada's Death, pt.2 (Adagio in D Minor) [ From itunes!! ] (basically the same. They reused the score when they did Kickass.)

    --Lustmord (dark ambient)
    ---- YouTube - Black Star Lustmord

    --Daniel Licht (Dexter. Great show. Great soundtrack.)
    ---- YouTube - 12 Escalation (actually my ringtone starting around 1:06 >.<)
    ---- YouTube - 24 Blood Theme

    --Hans Zimmer (Hannibal)
    ---- YouTube - Hannibal - The Burning Heart

    --Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman (Last of the Mohicans... this whole soundtrack was full of win)
    ---- YouTube - The Kiss - The Last Of The Mohicans

    ---- YouTube - BT - Suddenly (These Hopeful Machines )

    --Massive Attack
    ---- YouTube - Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

    ---- YouTube - KAMELOT - March Of Mephisto (love the intro to this song... nice guitar work)

    --Nile (I don't really like this band, but Karl Sanders is pretty cool)
    ---- YouTube - Nile - Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche

    --Karl Sanders (speaking of)
    ---- YouTube - Karl Sanders The Elder God Shrine

    --Antonio Banderas ()
    ---- YouTube - Antonio Banderas - Cancion del Mariachi (Music Video)

    --Dead Can Dance
    ---- YouTube - Dead Can Dance - Nierika HQ
    ---- YouTube - Yulunga - Dead Can Dance
    ---- YouTube - Lisa Gerrard - Laurelei - Avalon (Lisa Gerrard really)
  4. HellHound's Avatar

    OMG, this is a lot to get through thanks! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.