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So today capped off what is undoubtedly the worst week and a half or so since moving back home back at the start of the summer... I don't even know where to begin writing this since I very rarely blog and when I do usually a really short one. So I today I found out that my car I bought in august my car is effed, I guess it needs a new starter switch or something thats inside the transmission ( I have no clue what it could be). But now my family has no way to get around since my dad wrecked both of our other vehicles this past year. and I obviously don't have the money to fix my car or I wouldn't be stressed about it. And I keep getting into arguments with my dad now about why I even bought the car.
My parents are on the brink of divorce. All I ever here them do is argue and that is what's causing most of my stress right now.
I can't find a job. Living in a tiny college town SUCKS!
My dads brother has moved in with us. Its not that we dont have the room, its his personality. He can't go three words without swearing. He is always yelling. He thinks everyone is out to get him and he always uses the same excuse to get out of doing stuff around the house ( he ODed 2 years ago) and always says "I was brain dead " and then a starts yelling to get out of whatever was asked of him. He is always threating my dog always trying to get Jackson to bite him. always calling him "mutt" he never calls him by his name. at least once a day I hear " get away from me mutt or i'll rip your effing throat out".... I know one of these days its either gonna be jackson or my uncle leaving and I know my dads not putting his brother out on the im worried that im gonna have to find a new home for jackson soon.
This has been everything thats been going on since thanksgiving. All i've really been doing the past two days is play FFXIII and listen to Brand New, even though I love winter this has not been a good one so far....

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