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A Profile, Finally, After Two Years

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In 20 days, I will have been on ADISC for two years. In that time, I have accrued a paltry 285 posts, two blog entries exclusive of this one, and yet I have seen so much happen, so many people come and go, and so many changes made to the site. It's been a fun place to be, so far, and no doubt will continue to be for quite some time.

Yet, in all this time, I realize that I have never made a proper profile. At first, I left the fields blank, thinking I probably wouldn't stay for very long. I had tried to get involved in forums before, but nothing really caught on. In time, I realized I was in for the long haul and returned to the profile page, but for privacy reasons, I just didn't feel comfortable putting anything in. I'm just too paranoid, I suppose.

But I've been thinking lately about how long I've been here, and how I will probably stick around for quite some time. I looked at my profile, how bare it was:

Interest in Diapers: "Private"
Non-ABDL Interests: N/A
Biography: N/A
Personal Space: N/A

and I thought to myself, "It's high time I fill those spaces in." So now, after all this time, I finally have a profile -- for the most part. I still haven't written anything in the biography section, just because I can't imagine what could possibly be terse enough to fit, yet descriptive enough to provide an idea of who I am. On the flip side, I'm terribly aware of how quickly a profile can turn into an ego-boost, as if I'm really so important that I should put so much thought into describing myself. I'll get to it eventually, I suppose. Maybe I'll make it into a blog and link it to my profile.

Whatever the matter, consider this my way of saying that I'd like to contribute more to the forum than I have in the past, not in the sense of providing more input on ABDL things, but in the sense of being more of a real person.

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