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I haven't made an introduction yet and now I became a regular. So I thought to make my first Blog an introduction and tell you guys a little bit about myself, so that way some of you guys will know who I am.

My name is Adam and I'm an 18 yr old TB from Wisconsin. I like to wear diapers, suck on pacifires and bottles. When I save enough money and buy an apartment, I will eventually build myself a crib and also try wearing diapers 24/7. I don't have any TB friends, well I use to have one TB friend but after he found out that I'm BI, so things didn't go so well. I hope to make some new friends with this site and hopefully meet other TB's/AB's in person.

I'm a type of person that is easy to get along with and I also like giving advice to people. I always put the people that need someone to talk to first, ahead of myself and I would just give it my all to help that person. I somehow feel that it is my role in life to help others before myself.

Lastly, I like to feel care and attension from other people, when I feel care from another person, say if someone hugs me I would start to get a little emotional and warm hearted. Sometimes I also act childish/playful, I act like i'm 5.

One last thing to know about me, I have dislexia and I sometimes have a hard time spelling things, so sorry if I confuse you from some of my posts.


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    Dyslexia any notice I don't in post your (I don't notice any dyslexia in your post)...I hope you don't find that offensive...Just a question though...Why is your picture from Deeker...
  2. snydead's Avatar
    I thought to choose the picture from Deeker because it reflects my babyish side and I couldn't really find a lot of other anime TB pictures.
  3. MarcusBear's Avatar

    I couldn't really find a lot of other anime TB pictures.
    That picture isn't 'anime'
  4. Pojo's Avatar

    That picture isn't 'anime'
    That's what I was thinking...
  5. snydead's Avatar
    oops sorry i meant drawn picture with a little color. I thought at first it was anime but I guess not...

    I guess that I don't know the difference between anime and drawn pictures. LOL
  6. Pojo's Avatar
    Anime is usually people with disproportioned bodies...With like big eyes, and crazy hair...That's the stereotype of them at least...
  7. snydead's Avatar
    yay, thanks I learned something new.
  8. Thegreenone's Avatar
    Hey there welcome! I don't want to seem pushy or anything but I'm from Wisconsin TOO!! So you know if ya want send me a message here (I can't reply yet need a few more post but that will get taken care of in no time) or on yahoo or something. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.