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freee aatt laaaaast!!!

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so today i finally made up my mind.
i changed majors!
theater/broadcast communications > music.
after being berrated by a few professors who i had become close to, i realized that i no longer loved what i was doing. In my eyes this seemed a good reason to stop.
so before filling out any paperwork, i called my mother to talk it over with her. this was not really nessesary, but she has really good advice, so i called.

"hey mom"
"hey gav whats up?"
"nothing... just.... i was thinking of changing majors..."
"really? to what?"
"theater and broadcast comm"
"really? that's great! i always thought you were a better actor anywho."
"ok... just wanted to pass that by you k thnx bye"

so i then proceeded to tell my other family. who then proceeded to dance for joy (art and theater are the same building. not music)
my mommy literally scooped me up in a huge hug
after our last class we went and partied in a common room to celebrate the change.
the party ended with everyone but me on laptops searching who knows what.... (probably not for my eyes )
and me curled up in my mommy's lap as she stroked my hair.



  1. Chiharu's Avatar
    ^^ Im glad things are going well for you,

    I hope your choices shine brightly over the new year.

  2. plato's Avatar
    thank you so much
  3. Byron's Avatar
    That's actually awesome. Good for you, it seems like everyone thought that the change fit you, yes?
    I've learned to take others' opinions on these matters... same thing happened when I switched from medical to pure biology. Everyone thought it a good change. (Think I might be too laid back to be a doctor, really.) I've also heard that music eats up a huge amount of time. Maybe you'll have lower blood pressure to boot. >.>
  4. plato's Avatar
    thats a really good point.. i've learned a lot about myself from my new family
  5. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    You see, this is what happens when you're my twin! :D Awesome stuff! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.