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Why the **** are people so hostile/high strung here?????????? Since day one here it seems like people are more touchy than on Thin Forums. If everything I haven't ranted about in posts was bad enough, yesterday I decided it would be fun to join a RP game.

Why the **** do I even bother to think so positively? Joining wasn't any problem at all cept that you need to have an offline book to understand the rules (and I can live with that). But after joining it seems it is more important for people to challenge my right to post in it, rather than trust that I talked with the "GM" or OP and am doing what they said? Why is it so difficult to just play on and assume everything is alright until said person says so? Why drag it on for more than one post questioning me?

A few days ago I was bashed on here for being trans as well. And now everytime I go to my cp I get to see a curse word I will not even write except to use as part of one technical term I did not come up with...It really bothers me to deal with cursing in general and I myself really do not do it. As a kid it just doesn't seem right...but now I get to look at hate speach and R rated cursing everytime I want to like check my inbox...

I know that most people who cause harm to not care that they did it, or are even proud of it...but why should the victim have to see it every day, for the rest of the time they want to be here?

I almost makes me want to cry, till I remember just how much it is messed up...the anger just barely keeps me from doing that.

There are some really nice people here too...but I just don't understand why the openly hateful are so tollerated

Even sadder, I have had to put off saying some of this for fear of being banned for saying it happened. I don't exactly have words to describe how I feel about that, but it is scummy.

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