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Computers Cooking and Burning

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Today is an odd day. I haven't been working on any of my University studies. But I was studying on other tasks. I was playing with Verilog a language I was meaning to learn for almost a year. I made pretty good progress and am impressed with what I have done. I suppose all the background reading I made in the time helped. But I am very satisfied.

On top of that, two-three weeks ago I needed a to back up and replace data on my laptop. Wiping the harddrive, reinstall the software/Linux on it. I backed up the data into an Encrypted file. With an Overkill password. And I encrypted my laptop harddrive when I installed Linux with a different password.

Problem? I was remembering two difficult passwords at the same time. The laptop one stuck as I entered that regularly. As for the backup? Different story. I'm locked out. Backed up the data, now I can't get access to it. Not lost like a harddrive crash. But certainly out of reach.

Solution? Crack it! Of course! I knew 95% of the password, it was the minor 5%. Doesn't sound bad right? I should be able to write a program to test it against all the passwords that would look like what I had in mind. (e.g. it would test grotf# Grotf# Gr0tf# etc... all variations of the same thing).

First of all I made the rules a little lax about how accurate it resembles my password to my memory. This was to generate a bigger list that will likely have my password. It turned out despite all the words in the list being so similar it was generating a word list bigger 3GB that would take Months to go through. So I had to rewrite it to be much more strict. Now I have 100K combinations that I have 50% confidence in working. But at least it won't take any more than 3 days to cycle through them all on my laptop. So hopefully I can work on it more soon if that fails.

What is in that Encrypted File? Upto Date chat logs, emails, and other bits of expiremental (but useless) software I have made. not Too great of a loss If I give up. I do have copies of half of it else where. It's just the really personal data that ought to be encrypted and not see by the likes of friends and family that I want back. As I don't back those up.

But since I was so engaged with my Verilog work, I spent staring at my computer screen for 5 hours straight. my eyes have never felt this tired in a long time. I was getting hungry, so I thought I cooking would be a nice break. It was refreshing to be in the kitchen for 2 hours making shepherds pie, talking to my housemates. And when I was on my own thinking about my password dilemma.

But when I left it in the oven for 30 mins, And took it out to serve up. I wanted it to cool quicker to eat. So I cut it and took a portion out. But some of it slipped off the spectular as I using onto my hand. It burnt, and it didn't help that it stuck and didn't slip off. So I had to flick my food onto my plate and quickly run to the kitchen sink.

the water helped. But I didn't think too much of it until I started eating and noticed it blistering. Nice, so no I have a hand that's difficult to type with as it's in-between my fingers. So I wonder how long that will take to heal.

Oh well, it was a mixed events day. Very Happy with my Verilog, Concerned about my password. And upset over my painful finger.

I might hand in some work early tomorrow. Might as well as I have done 90% of it already. It's programming targeted to an audience where not everyone comes from a programming background. So there is a lot of leeway in deadlines for them. So by time they have a solution. I'd have 2 in half that time (in fact I have 3, don't know what one to submit!).

I'm too much of a Geek. T_T Can't wait for the weekend, nothing planned as usual. Might go home and see what's the fuss with the snow there and not here! *humph*


  1. LBcub's Avatar
    I know it's technically a security breach, but this is why I keep a file on a thumb drive with all my passwords on it, juuust in case. The file is of course itself encrypted, and it's the only thing on the USB stick, it's also not usually plugged in unless I specifically forgot a password and otherwise stored in a safe place. Good for those "oh crap" moments where you really need to remember your password and you just can't.
  2. acmorgan's Avatar
    Something similar happened to me once... I failed in comparison to what you did, I never got the file back again lol. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.