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Found Out

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Just to tell you about my apparent blog but even they did it. I did not write it but earlier I wrote a long poem and it became three of them. Sentences.

Earlier when it did not already apple appeared on ADISC. A friend we call S, woke up beside me in her room from a dark room with when the keyboard shattered. Another friend on facebook became very alarmed. He was going to alert workers of them but called my husband. These days are full of stress and demons.

I tried to save him on Wednesday but S woke up. No procedures.

Do not be alarmed.

I talked to my therapist and we decided no medications until I see a new doctor to reasses because I want to go down the rabbit hole and save them before my decay. No dying. Sleep is a waste. If I did go on poisons do TYPICAL antipsychotics contain toxins to mutants. Luis thinks they're all toxic. I don't know.

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