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(Stage Of Decay) (3 days no sleep)

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The imperial mutant that inhibits this is is not the but the blood shall be spilled on Wednesdays. One gallon per person you must save to take the syringe to your neck and awake thwn thengorngtuj when you are no long. Put the powder bleach on the shraded flesh, the flesh the flesh the flesh. The blood shall turn to rubber.


  1. h3g3l's Avatar
    Hopefully your husband is driving you to the hospital as I am typing this (8 hours later).

    I am very actively worried for you, but of course, can do nothing for it.

    Now things have become actively unglued; find your meds and start ramping up on them slowly.

    EDIT: Are you not sleeping in an attempt to incite mania?
    Updated 24-Nov-2010 at 21:37 by h3g3l
  2. LGstephy's Avatar
    hey... if that's poetry, it's pretty kool ^.^
    from what I've seen of your past blogs though, I'm not entirely sure how likely that is.
    anyway, I hope everything is alright... don't go too far over the deep end
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