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Day 13 Q's and A's + Sick + Review

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You're really brave for doing this! But I do have a question... How come you're been using baby diapers and Underjams instead of better diapers such as Bambinos or Dry 24/7's? It seems like you'd actually save diapers and money by not needing to change as much. But maybe I'm wrong.

Aww thank you! I know that bambinos and Dry 24/7s are available online and being that I live with my parents the shock of this dare would be revealed and they are nosy people. So I'm better off using something I can grab at the store by myself. And after using depends that leaked twice as hard as the pampers and underjams...I realized I should take a break from that. Lol
Thanks for your question!

Since you've gone so far have you noticed any change in your control? Would you say it has gotten easier to use your diapers? Do you feel comfortable going in them at any position (or only standing?)

This is a very good question. I worry about my bladder a little bit. if I ever have to pee strongly. I have to go NOW or else I feel like ill literally start peeing myself. So now I wear them in case I don't make it. But using my diapers is like noo problem, like 2nd nature. I can go standing,sitting, leaning,crouching,bending over, talking, anything!


I just got over being sick not too long ago!
I was bed written since I had the flu.
But, luckily I had some goodnites to spare
so I never had a reason to leave my room anyway lol

Diapers are so conveniant


Ok, I have been wondering about the difference
between the NEW Goodnites vs. Underjams
There are differences...major.

Absorbancy: Underjams are more absorbant. Goodnites cannot handle more than a few trickles at a time, while Underjams can hold a whole wetting or 2 for me. Goodnites tend to leak unecessarily and Underjams never leaked for me.

Comfort: Goodnites are thinner and are the closest feeling to underwear. Underjams are thick and tough material.

Noise: Underjams and Goodnites are equal in the noise factor. Not too discrete but not near as loud as a baby diaper.

Staying together: Goodnites barely ever ripped unless I was being rough in my sleep. The material on the sides is durable for alot. And can have 125+ lbs for the size. Underjams can only hold "85"lbs and tend to rip when stretched to hard. Thin stretchy material.

For any of you who don't know the difference between the two I hope this helped!
Goodnites are good in comfort, and stretching to fit sizes.
Underjams are good in absorbancy.

Take your pick!


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