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This weekend I am going to a place called pink punters up near milton keynes. Ive never been there before but a lot of my male friends who want to be little girls are going and they invited me along. Its a nightclub I think where you can pretty much wear what you want. So i'm going in one of my favourite baby dresses. It's yellow. I have a matching set of yellow hair bows I shall wear a pair of white ankle socks and a pair of shiny black shoes (that light up in the heel because I have ridiculously small feet so can miraculously fit into size 2 real kids shoes) and of course a rather large nappy underneath the dress. I may even treat myself and go in terries since I wear disposables 24/7 anyway.

Im not sure if i am excited or aprehensive about it. I went to the ABC club in london a long long time ago after being told you could play there and so I had taken colouring books and toys and expected it to be a nice happy atmosphere and when I walked in it was like the music stopped and everyone looked at me. "OMG a girl" I felt really scared. I was with an ex-daddy at that point and he kinda just paraded me around like some trophie. I felt crushed. I had built up this wonderful picture of what it would be like in my mind and it was as far from that as possible.

At least this time I know its a night club and at least this time I'll be with a large group of my friends so I can hide behind them.
Thing is, whenever im dressed up as little me I can never drink alcohol or anything like that cause it would just feel strange. So its gonna be odd going to a night club and remaining sober. Hehehe.

So yeah it's going to be an interesting evening either way you look at it.

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