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Putting up net curtains

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Hi. I'm sammy. I already said that in the introduction bit, but I thought that since this is a new blog I should say that again.

I'm AB. Yep. Pretty obvious I guess what with the little AB symbol beside my name.
I'm female. Again, probably obvious due to my pictures.
I'm lonely. AH-HA! Not quite so obvious huh. No. Didn't think so.

I have soo many online friends but the majority of them live in america. And whilst playing online is all great fun. I'd love someone to actually hang out with.

I have a tonne of male friends. Guys who like to be little girls. Most aren't AB or DL, more just little girls who like pretty dresses and playing with dolls and skipping. I love them all dearly, and they're so sweet to put up with me being in their midst, but sometimes i'd like a female friend to talk to. I have a female friend, she was actually the AB nanny at the happy nappy nursery a while ago but she quit when she got married and had a baby. She never babied me. That would just be wierd cause I knew her well before the nursery job and yeah I dont think i'd like her putting me in nappies although whenever she came round to my house my husband (from here on in I shall refer to him as daddy) would threaten that he would get my friend to babysit. LOL The idea horrified me. But since she's had her baby I hardly talk to her because shes really busy and I miss her tonnes much. I have one other female friend but i've only met her a couple of times and we dont talk all that often. She plays much older than me though.

Anyway i'm getting off topic...wait how can I get off topic in my own blog?...err....anyway...

Yeah, so it'd be nice if I could talk to some UK people, there seems to be quite a UK gathering around here so I have a lot of hope.
I would also like to talk to anyone else as well, im not excluding anyone, or if it seems that way, then thats not what I mean at all. It's just that having someone that I could go shopping with or go to the cinema with would be amazing.

I had a ageplay mummy a long time ago, for several years in fact, and a ageplay sister whom I lived with and when that relationship went really up the swan I kinda shut myself off for quite a while in trusting people. Particularly women. I know thats silly now. I trust guys instantly but girls I feel naturally wary of. I work in an all male environment all my friends accept the one I mentioned above are male, and I just think maybe I should start trying to heal that hurt.

LOL pretty psychotic for a first blog. I assure you they wont all be like this. Honest.


  1. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Hi ikkleSammy :D

    Don't worry, my blogs are just as prone to rambling off in all sorts of strange directions!!

    Just as a word of warning looking for people to meet up with on this site is usually against the rules, due to us having so many minors on the site. Whilst meet-ups do happen among the longer-standing members generally suggesting that you're looking to meet people on here isn't a good idea, especially when you're new. If a member were to meet up with a minor and their parents found out they could get this website into a lot of trouble for hosting a place that allowed a minor to be targeted by an adult, so the mods tend to be pretty strict about the 'no looking for ads' rule.

    But that said, there are lots of UK people here, and meet-ups for the over 18s members do happen. Many of the older, long-standing members on here have met. But if you want to get chatting to some UK people I maintain that the best way to do so is on the chat. Having been here a couple of months now I feel like I'm beginning to make some good friends here, mainly because the chat allows for conversation in a way the forums and PM function don't.

  2. ikklesammy's Avatar
    OOh I wasnt meaning meeting up with minors LOL. That would be dodgy huh, seriously! I forget that there are minors on this site as most AB type places only allow over 18's so I didnt even think to specify that, and also I wasnt suggesting going off and meeting random people, I meant like getting to know people first and making friends and talking a lot and then seeing how things went. Its really not a good idea to just go off and meet people from the internet its dangerous and when I was 18 I could have potentially gotten myself into a lot of bother when I just jumped in head first and went off and met 3 guys all at the same time at a house in the middle of nowhere. seriously could have been bad. i was lucky though and things were fine.

    Now re-reading my first post I feel all evil and stuff. Im not evil honest.
  3. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    Hehe, don't worry, I didn't think you were evil! I assumed you weren't looking to meet minors and didn't for a second think you were or that there were any wrong intentions in your post! It's just that because the site has lots of minors asking to meet people, even over 18s, is generally discouraged just in case. Better safe than sorry when minors are involved I guess. Just a word of warning really that meet-up style posts aren't looked at too kindly on here. But if you are just looking for people to chat to that is always good, and there really is a very good UK crowd here. Seeing we are such a small island we certainly have a lot of members. I wonder if a higher proportion of UKers are AB/DL, o if it is just coincidence we all congregate here. Maybe we have better manners and thus stay away for the creepier diaper sites! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.