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*Mumbles angrily*

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I bought a DS game off about a week ago (though to be honest I forgot I bought it until it arrived in the post today). When I opened it, I was surprised to find that I had been sent the US/Canada version of the game, and that the company I bought from is based in Canada (despite the fact that their name ends with the letters, "uk" ...)
Since the DS doesn't have region coding, the game will still work in my system, but the main thing I'm peed off about is that I like to trade in my games when I'm finished with them, and I doubt shops over here will buy a game off me that says "Not for sale, rental or use outside the US/Canada" on the back. Why did they send me this game if it's illegal to use/resell in my country?


The thing that annoys me the most is that US DS cases are slim and black, not fat and clear like our UK boxes, so it looks really out of place in my collection.




  1. Shadowhawk's Avatar
    Weird, sorry for the mix up mate. Hope the game is good at least :P
  2. Technologic's Avatar
    I dont know the laws over there but, in the US the supreme court has ruled that books published specifically for non-USA regions are legally allowed to be sold in the US even though the publishers print they are not for sale in the US. Granted this is for books not video games. And I do not know the laws in the UK. But best of luck with selling it when you are done with it.
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