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God, the PAIN!

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for the past week I had a toothache, but it wasn't anything serious. It'd just throb a little bit when I had anything cold, so I thought I just had a small case of sensitive teeth.

Hell no.

It ****ing hurts.

I woke up today, and it's just plain ****ing painful. I thought at first it was my wisdom teeth, but after coming home and taking one of the strongest painkillers in the house, I took a look at where my teeth were hurting.

I dunno how it happened, but a small chunk of my back tooth somehow vanished, and it it's place was SEARING ****ING PAIN.

I don't get it. I take care of my teeth, I brush regulary, but this shit happens. The only reason I can thing of, is that I chipped a bit away while om-noming down some hard food.

I don't know, I don't care, but if this doesn't stop, I'm heading down to the hospital to get some kick-ass painkilelrs. if not, I'm definately going down there tomorrow to get booked in to have this ****ing thing taken care of!!



  1. BluTack's Avatar
    I heard Mophine is a good pain killer.
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    It would be better to go to the dentist than the hospital...If you got painkillers, you could just keep taking them when your tooth hurts without getting it checked, and before you know it, you become addicted to them...
  3. Kraiden's Avatar
    No, you see, I'm poor, and in order to go to the dentist for free, I first need to head to the hospital's free dental clinic and say "This is ****ing bad, I can't wait on your waiting list", and they'll give me a free dentist's voucher.

    I can't stand this, it's so bad.
  4. Pojo's Avatar
    No insurance?
  5. Dash's Avatar
    Just get yer ass down to the hospital asap and let us know what they say. And for your sake, I hope it's not "leave it for a couple of days and if it's still sore come back" - god, that hacks me off.
  6. Kraiden's Avatar
    Went to the dental clinic.

    Me: "Hey, can I make an appointment?"
    Fat Chick "Sorry, call this number, they'll ask you a few questions, and then they'll make an appointment for you."
    *Calls number at home*
    Woman: "We've added you onto the waiting list, you're at the top, they'll send you a letter in a few days about your appointment time"
    Me: "What the ****, you stupid bitch!?? I'm in ****ing pain!!!"

  7. Ryan_d's Avatar
    Go to thye high school find the local drug dealers there an buy some vikadin.... Not really... or if it come to it.

    But I wish you luck man!

    Try to stash some cash in emergencys for when this kind of thing happens!
  8. Dash's Avatar
    Man, that sucks. *hugs for Kraiden*

    It's always like that - you need medical attention, but they can't give you it for another week or so - when you'll be ****ing better by then anyway.

    I suggest you become a psychic...

    "I'm gonna have flu, in about a week, can you ****ing fit me in?" - Lee Evans
  9. Kraiden's Avatar
    Socialized medicine *is* great, compared to the utterly horrible medical system in the U.S. I'd much rather wait for a few days and get free dental care rather than being forced to pay a ridiculous medical bill.
  10. babysage's Avatar
    Agreed. US Health Care sucks. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.