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Jump India!

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Well there's no going back.
Flights are booked, as is the appointment for inoculations (eeeek!) so I will be setting off to India at the end of July.
For two weeks I'll be helping and aiding the children of the slum-dwelling streets of Chennai... which I'm quite looking forward to, for both the fact that i'll be helping change peoples' lives, and the experience of an entirely new culture and lifestyle.

But then, before the tickets were booked I was unsure of whether or not I should go. Having seen videos and photos of the children and families that we'll be working with, it will be extremely hard to come to terms with the state of things before and throughout our mission work.

Really, I've been given the chance to have a first-hand look at what it's like for those considerably less fortunate than any of us, and how they can live life with virtually nothing... and I would regret it if I turned it down.


  1. kite's Avatar
    good luck on your trip dashy. stay safe and i hope to see you back soon.
    i'll miss you.
  2. BluTack's Avatar
    Go for it. You might just be able to change thier lives forever. Become the next Bob Gledoff.

    Stay safe and keep in touch.
  3. Dash's Avatar
    Well I'll defo be keeping in touch. We'll have access to internet and the camera equipment hopefully, so I plan to video-blog

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