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My first blog

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Hi everyone, its me Moka ^-^, i thought i'd give writing a blog a try, so without further ado i begin

November 14th 2010 12:21pm

Today i went for a walk, what did i see on the ground, I saw snow, i was like yay, perhaps i should make a snow angel, but i decided not to cause i was properly dressed and stuff so yeah, its awesome, though i feel bad for the people down in Minneapolis and Duluth, but yeah anywho, here's a video i made, the walk was about 20 minutes long, but youtube's time limit is 15 minutes and 30 seconds so its gonna look like i took a walk shorter than 20 minutes, i hope y'all enjoy, till next time i will see y'all in the ADISC IRC ^-^


  1. kite's Avatar
    The world needs more freakishly early snow angels. Is November early for snow in your area?
    Funny, when I drove through the midwest that's exactly what it looked like.
    Good start on your blog.
  2. MokatheGroundhog's Avatar
    kite, its normal to get snow in mid November for Minnesota, its pretty cool, and thanks ^-^, bockingboy, i'll make sure i'm padded up good ^-^
  3. Garthcub's Avatar
    yellow snow is bad m'kay XD lol
  4. HoganBunny's Avatar
  5. MokatheGroundhog's Avatar
    Garthcub yes it is, and HogansHeroes, xD
  6. AshleyShep's Avatar
    Wow Moka, you blog now ^.^ oi love the snow, and hate the U.K becuase it hardly even snows here
  7. MokatheGroundhog's Avatar
    boltpup, figured i might as well give it a shot, and sorry to hear that *huggles*
  8. kite's Avatar
    Don't eat the yellow snow, horrible mistake I will never make again... don't ask...
  9. MokatheGroundhog's Avatar
    lol, i'll make sure not too
  10. wwetbed's Avatar

    Hope you are having a blast up in the prarie!

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