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I guess this can be noted for the not really uncommon behavior of idling. Idling in the IRC, Idling on MSN, IMAP idling for emails. It's mostly I habit I have gotten into years ago when I realized you could leave your PC connected to the Internet overnight to torrent your favorite software - materials and while it's on, you can stay logged in, for the hell of it.

But I don't torrent anymore, and I generally find that knowing I am offline worrying. Seems like it's turned into OCD way of living. But if my machine isn't online something must be wrong, and I must correct it.

To further complicate the issue, unlike emails, because they're all stored centrally at your email provider's server. When I am in IRC or MSN, I like to keep all the logs I have in a centrally kept placed. It's more organized and easier to flick through. I have years and years worth of logs. I use them to check phone numbers, people's likes and dislikes, from what they explicitly said as well as see if they told me their shoe size. Because you know, you saw those pair of shoes you might buy them for Christmas. Oh and to further complicate the issue, these logs will always be stored in encrypted mediums.

So central logging, but I like to chat using my desktop, in ubunutu, windows 7 or my laptop, or my netbook. And maybe, sometimes my mobile phone. So I like to use the hardware I have got. They all have ssh clients for IRC, and that's run remotely. For MSN, I run xp in a VM and RDP into that. Just seems a little over kill.

There are a number of problems and there is no one solution. But what I would like to do, is get out of the habit of being online at times when I don't need to, beyond reseting machines, failures of my router or any other maintenance task. So I don't worry about not being online, and the over cluttered setup isn't very efficient, but it is somewhat "scalable". my average reply time is like 10 minutes. I want to see that message ASAP, rather than checking a window every now and then and forgetting it.

I don't really know how to explain it, but I don't want to disappear from the Internet. That's not what I want. just to slow down and not to worry about such things. I did have msn + irc running on my laptop only once. That was cool, but I didn't like the idea of leaving my laptop on all the time, hating turning it off going place to place and not being the portal computer that it once was.

I'm due to re-install and setup my laptop. The harddrive could do with decluttering, and Updating Ubuntu to a more recent Revision (Their update cycles are too fast for me, might use a LTS version). So I might move IRC and MSN there rather than a remote machine they have been on. And might have some file-sync setup between my desktop and laptop.


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