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Can I write a useless game review? kthx

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So, I just borrowed the amazingly depressing, but still amazing Heavy Rain for PS3. Yes I realize it came out like 9 months ago, but I just heard of it/started playing it. Sue me. Or don't. Save us both some money and dignity by not having to appear on The People's Court (which is the only thing I'm actually afraid of).

Anyways, without spoiling anything, you play as four different characters who all have a common link in searching for the origami killer who happens to not only be really good at origami, but also really good at killing people (if you couldn't tell by his name). That's really all I can give about the story because you really just have to play it.

The gameplay is weird at first, but you get the hang of it later on. There's no real pre-defined control scheme (as in "Button A does this action, button B does this...etc.) other than controlling the camera and walking. The game instead prompts you to use a certain button at the time in order to do something. It's innovative and it actually worked out. There are fight scenes in it that are pretty much just one big long action sequence but are good nonetheless.

Oh, let me go back to the story. Yeah there's like 22 different endings. 22. Holy balls. Everything you do in the game affects the rest of the game from that point forward. If you do bad on a mission or something, a character could die and you no longer have that character to play with which in turn affects which ending you get.

The graphics are awesome. AWESOME. It's like watching a movie (well there are some jankity spots here are there, but whatever). It makes everything seem very real. I feel really bad for characters going through shit sometimes because of how real the game makes these characters feel to the player.

Did I mention the story? Because it's pretty damn amazing.

I have not been this immersed in a game in forever, if at all (STFU Fallout 3 was only an addiction). The plotline is awesome (as said before) and the game itself has so many details that just make you stop and appreciate the developers just a little more. The only thing that sucks is the voice acting. It has some weird moments where you say "that's a voice actor who isn't American, trying to sound as American as possible." Other than some other minor details, Heavy Rain is absolutely amazing at first glance and is probably just as awesome the next few replays.


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    I agree that the game is good but I wouldn't call the story "amazing" considering all the plot holes. To name a few: - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.