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What it means to be a diaper lover for me

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The one thing I think any of us diaper lovers can relate to is that we all are pretty accepting people.. When I first began to realize what these feelings about diapers really were about, I more or less delved into the world and saw the vast communities of people like me. The biggest thing i realized from when I did this is how no matter how different we were we all had the same thing we liked in the end and it showed me that no matter what a person did they were just wanting acceptance. Being a dl has also given me the ability to feel comfortable with the world around me. Sure the world seems like a dark and foreboding place where people are just there to keep you in place. Taking the pride of being a part of the diaper community gives me a chance to do something that no one else I know would dare try, and that's being different without caring what others think. It has made me love myself even more than I could ever imagine. Whenever the day is over and If I decide to get on adisc or put one on I'm not the same person I was when i left school. I am free to be myself and express my ideas without looking like an idiot. To that I am grateful to be a diaper lover.

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