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Childhood Attachments

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Because I'm lazy and such, I'll just post this nice little snippet of a conversation I'm having with avery in IRC.

<Kraiden> It's weird, but it's the same sort of attachment I've got to Humphrey as a little kid would to his favorite toy. :3
<avery> i had this blanket i slept with when i was a kid
<avery> i sort of forced myself to give it up when i was like 12 or so
<avery> it's still in the basement, but it's totally falling apart
<avery> there'd be no way to reconstitute it
<avery> i feel kind of fickle, though
<avery> it was so real to me back then. it had its own personality and everything
<avery> i just try not to think about how it feels about being folded up and stored in a box
<Kraiden> :P
<Kraiden> Awww, cute. :3
<Kraiden> .... I still think about grampa humphrey every now and then. :3
<Kraiden> but when I pull him out to have a look at him, he looks totally busted. o.o
<Kraiden> His face is squashed from being under a pile of crap for like 6 years, he's got a hole in his back...
<Kraiden> nothing like how i remembered him.
<avery> it's weird to see these things from a different perspective
<avery> i knew every millimeter of my blanket
<Kraiden> yeah. kinda sad, actualy.
<avery> every fold was like a facial expression that i could interpret, you know?
<avery> now i look at it and i realize it's just a ratty old blanket
<avery> falling apart
<Kraiden> Growing up sucks balls. >_>;
<avery> yeah man
<Kraiden> My best memory of Humphrey would have to be this:
<Kraiden> I was probably about 4, and I was walking to pre-school.
<Kraiden> and of course, I had this new backpack, and Humphrey was in there, since we were both inseperable.
<avery> ^.^
<Kraiden> and I'd speak into the bit of the arm strap that would hang off the... err, arm strap, and I'd ask Humphrey how he was doing, making sure that he wasn't getting crushed by my lunchbox, etc. :3
<avery> aw
<Kraiden> 2 others that stand out, were this one time in pre-school in nap-time when I woke up and some other cunt of a kid kidnapped Humphrey and was sleeping with him, the dick.
<Kraiden> the final one was really, really weird.
<Kraiden> I was undoubtedly a baby at the time, being rushed down a hall really fast, since I was having an asthma attack.
<Kraiden> and I remember being layed down somewhere, and Humphrey being put to the side and being given anesthetic or something. I dunno, the doctor put a mask over him before giving me some gas, I think.
<avery> aw cute
<Kraiden> anyway, the next thing I remember was me being taken away, and Humphrey being left behind in the room. o.o
<Kraiden> it sucked. >_>
<avery> :'(
<Kraiden> but yeah, I've got a strong attachment to Humphrey. :P
Hmmm, I got that warm nostalgic feeling.


  1. avery's Avatar
    yay for late-night conversations about deep emotional topics! it can be cozy to relive some of those old memories.

    i'm kind of flattered to be represented in your blog! ^.^
  2. Kraiden's Avatar
    Don't be flattered about being in my blog, it's not like i really talk about anything ground breaking. >_>
  3. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    just so you know, reading that ut a smile on my face lke a banana, i just love those warm fuzzy moments - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.