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First time as a baby/toddler

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Hi peeps i had a wonderfull experiance last tuesday wow,i Saw a Mummy after a chat about what i like etc being very nerveous which Mummy picked up on she made me feel very relaxed and gently like Mummies do took my hand and led me to the nursery, were Mummy very slowly took off my adult,clothes of placed me on a changeing table put a nappy on me with plastic pants,baby knickers over the top she then put my baby dress on mittens and booties placed a dummy in my mouth,wow i never new it would be that brilliant to be taken back to my baby days,i was put in a play pen with
soft cuddly toys to play with,Mummy said that she would make me a nice bottle of warm milk,
which was proper fourmalla,she sat down and asked me to crawl over to her which i did,she then put me on her lap but a bib around my neck and teased me with the bottle takeing my dummy out and placed the bottle in my mouth which i drank she stopped half way through and sat me up to burp me
as Mummies do then i had the rest of my nice warm milk at this point i felt so relaxed,mummy strokeing my hair all the time talking to me in Mummie talk my eyes were getting heavy after my milk
so Mummy took me upstairs and put me in a proper baby cot lifted up the sides and placed my dummy back in,turned on the mobile gave me a blankie and a nice teddy bear to cuddle Mummy said that i needed a nao while Mummy was going to get my lunch ready, after my half hour nap i asked Mummy in baby talk that i needed to go to the toilet,thats all right my ickle one thats why Mummy put you in a nappy and plastic pants well although i have been wearing nappies for a week or so i had never wet in one or wet myself Mummy looked me in the eyes thats ok ickle one when your ready you will have to use your nappy come on lets take you downstairs for din dnis Mummy took me to the high chair put the tray on and my bib and then went to get my lunch,which was in a proper baby bowl i went to touch the spoon mummy smacked my hand and said no i will feed you sweetie pie as mummy does not want a mess all over the place Mummy started to feed me proper babyfood,followed by baby pudding and another bottle of warm milk well that was it,i was so desperate to go holding it as much as poss it hurt so had to go so i wet myself as some babies do when wet i started to cry Mummy was so sweet she said thats ok sweetie there there Mummy will change you my darling she lifted me out of the high chair placed me on the changeing mat which she layed out on the floor and changed me properly useing baby lotion wipes and babay talc put me,
in a fresh nappy wow i smelt so much like a baby the smell of baby talc wow,i was allowed to crawl around and Mummy played with me,chasseing me around the room laughing me giggleing,i spent a wonderfull 4 hours with Mummy,she bathed me dressed me in my baby pjs and put me back in the cot Mummy read me a story pulled the curtains put the baby lamp on and mobile switched on the baby monitor and and kissed her baby night night.
How do i feel now would i do it again do i like being a Baby yes yes yes i was unsure at first as it was
just my fantasy at the time when i first thought about being a baby but after that experiance yes as much as i can i will be a baby and not ashamed to admitt it i have also bought my first rommper suit plastic pants and more nappies a long with baby wipes talc and lotion would i recomend being a baby yes,well what started out to be a short blog i think i have waffled on enough and all the above is totaly true i enjoyed every secound of it well if any one wants to be my friend please add me i am friendly will not bite you lol well take care hopefully some one will tell me what i should do next as i have just started out being a baby take care xxxxxxxx


  1. Talula's Avatar
    Hi there, ickleme. While it's lovely that you feel comfortable enough to post your fantasies here, it's not really the sort of thing ADISC goes for. For people's first posts we much prefer it goes in the introductions section, so we can all get to know you.

    While you're checking out the rest of the site, make sure to read the rules as well, so you know what is and isn't acceptable here.

    Looking forward to reading your introduction
  2. HoganBunny's Avatar
    It's also a wise idea to read this sticky on how to make a good introduction. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.