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This is why I could never admit my ABism to my parents.

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I just excitedly told them I was planning to buy myself a PS3 for Christmas. My mother actually laughed.
"At 19 years old? You're kidding."
She said that I am "too old" to play on games consoles and did her best to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed about wanting something so "childish".
I am so angry with them for humiliating me like that. Even once I'd explained that
a) I don't care what they think about me playing on a games console
b) and lots of the games are 15+/18+ anyway,
They changed tack and had a dig at my financial situation instead. I am too poor to buy a games console. I don't deserve things like that because I don't have a job, apart from my voluntary work. (Even though they know full well that the reason I don't have a paid job is because I physically cannot get through a day's work at the moment.)
I could understand their reasoning more if I spent money left right and centre, splashing out all the time, but I don't. The only money I spend is paying rent to them and my bus fare to get to my voluntary job and medical appointments. I have a lot of money saved up so that I CAN afford to treat myself once or twice a year.

I should have just bought it without telling them.


  1. MixyNyxi's Avatar
    HA! This is funny since I can relate. Not your situation, just how it mirrored mine and suchly.

    I'm older than that and also a *gasp* female and I own original nintendo, super nintendo, Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, nintendo DS, PSP, computer games, have hundreds upon hundreds of dvds, most of which are anime, love anime, collect anime figures and plushes, etc. etc. So you can imagine what my parents have to say to me about my lack of maturity and proper girly attitude (mostly how I'm too old for that "crap" and how girls don't do that kind of stuff and I should instead invest in a teapot, a monocle, and a plush victorian chair so I can sit in it and sip tea with my monocle and exclaim "I say!" to anyone who crosses my path).

    So yeah, I know the feeling, hence why it was funny, although it probably wasn't for you at the moment, so just imagine a guinea pig with a monocle, curly villain mustache, and a top hat on for a moment. Go ahead and embrace the funny.

    It bothered me when I was younger, but now I don't care. People like what they like and there's nothing wrong with it.

    Plus, a PS3 is hardly "childish". That's spoken with 100% gen-u-ine ignorance there. So don't worry about it.

    Feel better
  2. Chiharu's Avatar
    Do your parents live in a cave cut off from the outside world perhapse? Thats about par with "Your too old for a cell phone" and "your too old to use the microwave."

    PS3 has no age relation aside from the fact it generally does not target individuals who were born before mass gaming was born due to the fact its hard for older people to adapt. That being said my dad plays tons of shooting games and hes like 40somthing. PS3 is a hobby, like gardening or ship building or w.e and has absolutely nothing to do with age.

    That being said, i am curious as to why they are trying to actively humiliate you and or feel ashamed about who you are and what you like, its abit concerning. Maybe you should sit them down and have a conversation about specifically that and i think if you have a heart to heart most likely its a miss understanding and you will feel much more comfertable about stuff.

    Anyways thats my thoughts,

  3. Talula's Avatar
    My papa plays the playstation 3... but we're all fairly sure he only got it as part of a midlife crisis. Anyhoo... he's proper old
  4. AbsoluteBedlam's Avatar
    Regarding your last sentence. The old idiom "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission" is true more often than you'd think.
  5. dcviper's Avatar
    I heard on the radio the other day that the average age for a 'gamer' is 35. In my BFBC2 Clan, there are members that are well into their 60s. So it's not as if adults don't play video games. I'm sorry that your parents feel that way, and I hope that you'll soon be well enough to hold down a job and move out. That is the ultimate freedom, really.
  6. Slang's Avatar
    Yeah, like dude above says, I've heard that average age for gamers is 20-30. My uncle in his sixties still plays, and a doctor told my Grandpa to get a DS with Brainage a couple years back to keep his mind busy or something. Games like Wii Sports, Mario Party and Rock Band - that's stuff a whole family or group of friends can do for fun. They got games for kids to have fun with, games for angry teens to simulate violence with and massive online communities for all sorts of people to have fun escaping in to. Gaming today does have a nationality or age limit. But, ya know, if your parents don't see it that way you don't have to be mad at them. Maybe explain to them why you want it, and why you think it's worth the money. Maybe that will work out. If not, go get a tatoo instead. Those are cool.
  7. kite's Avatar
    Yeah, they do that until you move out and sadly, even beyond that. Even to this day when I go to my mom's house I'm still treated as a child... which isn't that bad considering.
    I grew up playing video games (thanks for the addiction mom!) so it wasn't too much of an issue for her, but I did get the "you're too old/poor for (insert item)". Her issue was my dj equipment though.
    Hope everything works out and when you're watching blu-ray movies tell her she's apparently too old to join you :P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.