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setra...not so seeeecrets [round 2]

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I speak with broken Engrish...which by some amazing coincidence happens to sound just like proper English.


The other day, I was going in and out the front door, carrying out the garbage, glasses completely fogged up from the weather. Of course, me being the spastic idiot I am, I hit my elbow quite hard on the corner of the metal door frame...I still can't feel 2 of my fingers...


In high school, me and this other guy developed a weird greeting for each other. I would call him 'slut' and he would call me 'whore'. Not in a gay way, and I don't know how it even developed. But it did last for 3 years, and got us some odd looks.


MSN conversation from today:

Me: Hey
*message undeliverable*
Me: Hey
*message undeliverable*
Me: F**king MSN
*message undeliverable*
Me: lalalallalalalalal testing
*message undeliverable*
Friend: wtf??



A Message to the guy who keeps phoning my cell with the (306) area code: Stop phoning me! I told you you have the wrong number like 40 times, I only get 3 voicemails and you keep using them up! And WTF, Saskatchewan is the same f**king time zone as here, why are you always phoning at 3am? I use my cell phone as an alarm clock, you know..I can't just shut it off at night. Die in a fire!



  1. kite's Avatar
    i had that happen to me in 5th grade. we were playing x-men and i got heel kicked straight in the not-so-funny bone (what is that called anyway?). well right after my whole forearm froze up. i couldn't move it or feel it. it was ice cold and it was creepy as hell. luckily i regained sensation in it 15 minutes later, but it was scary.
    and about your cell phone issue: what about just putting a block on that number?
  2. andysetra's Avatar
    Well, I can't do it myself, my phone doesn't have that feature. And my provider won't do it without charging me - but I think I just might pay up if they phone me again...
  3. quattrus's Avatar
    Most of the cell phones that work as an alarm clock can do it also when they're switched off. You set the time you want it to ring, then you switch it off, and it automatically "comes alive" again when it's time for it to wake you up. Mine also directly asks if you want him to switch back on or not. It's horrible having someone waking you up for dialing the wrong number!!!! My cell phone would die for the curses it'd hear if that ever happened to me! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.