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Day 9-12 + A Story’s Worth

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Ok, Ok, Ok I know!
I have alot of explaining to do *teehee*
I had a movie to edit in less then 4 days
I was stressed and didn’t think about my blog and dare

(Even though I still went through it)
By the way do you like the new look?

Kinda edgy


Ok, so another epidemic
I ran outta pampers! *dramatic music*
But, seeing how I was busy as I was.
I had no time to buy anymore.
So, I owed a few days to replace what I had to put aside.

Well, I decided I was tired of the indentations on my skin from the lovely pampers squeezing the life out of my thighs so I decided to experiment and buy something else….
UNDERJAMS! *notice that it is also a pampers co.

They were amazing and I wished I bought them ahead of time
Though, I guess the diapers felt much softer than these however…
Quick review and comparison!

Underjams vs. Pampers Cruisers

Absorbancy: Underjams held about 4 surges if not more of urine while pampers cruisers can only hold about 2 and a few trickles after that.

Comfort: Pampers were the softest! It felt like sitting on a pillow sometimes Whereas Underjams were a little more stiff.

Noise: Underjams were far quieter than the Pampers. But, everyone knows that diapers are usually loud. Baby diapers anyway…

Staying together: Pampers stayed together and didn’t rip unless I put lotion all over me (for some reason it made the side just SPLIT). The Underjams ripped constantly and were hanging on by a thread!

So they both have faults but Underjams made it easier to go on with my day. Pulling on like pull-ups and then not needing to change for HOURS.
Which made things convenient at work or on the go

Hmm, I feel like I’m missing things.

For the 13th day I’ll post my day but I want to open it up to questions and answers about anything pertaining to my experiences

I will gladly answer them in my next blog and the 14th is the overview Of this whole dare!

See you then!


  1. BabyLink's Avatar
    You're really brave for doing this! But I do have a question... How come you're been using baby diapers and Underjams instead of better diapers such as Bambinos or Dry 24/7's? It seems like you'd actually save diapers and money by not needing to change as much. But maybe I'm wrong. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.