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Day 5 & 6 + New Ritual + Messed

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Diaper Status: SOAKED

Today AND yesterday were the same.
I was so tired and gloom yesterday.
I didn't feel like blogging *shrugs*
Mellow, rainy and gloomy.
Went to work and only used 2 diapers the whole day!

New Ritual

I have a new ritual to save money on diapers, wipes, and grocery bags.
To use the diapers until they are literally soaked and sagging.
What I have been doing is changing about every other wetting.
After realizing 20$ was spent on diapers in a week and a half,

I decided an intermission was definitely necessary!
So, after only using 2 diapers in one day, I felt like I saved money...
And a constant changing hassle!
And I have learned to get used to this whole being soaked thing
Since my bf bought me baby powder, and some more wipes.
Now I ACTUALLY have a lesser chance of getting a rash.

And I have come to the conclusion that pampers cruisers
Can hold10 hours worth of pee after drinking a water bottle and coffee!
That's absolutely amazing <3 And it will definitely take advantage of that from now on!

[If you can't handle bowel movements I suggest you stop reading]


So, as I have been debating...about whether it was fair or not....
I finally messed my diaper.
Gosh, it's not a wonderful experience to me.
I know some people enjoy it but, not me.
[I decided to try it at work before I clocked in.]

I drank about 2 things of coffee which is like a laxative for me
And about 30min later. It worked.
And so I pulled the diaper down in the bathroom stall and....well..went. lol
It wasn't as messy as I was crying and complaining about
(If I had diarrhea than it's understandably messy)
It seemed like it smelled worse since it wasn't in the toilet and on ME.
So, after I was finished I dumped the contents into the toilet, cleaned up, and re-diapered myself.
This took about 7minutes roughly (The whole process)
I almost felt pro when I looked at my phone seeing how fast it was.
I left feeling relieved, but yet kinda unsatisfied. I will never do so ever again.
So, I'm glad i got it over and done with. *whew*

So, anyway, I have to wrap this up but these few days have been quite an experience.

Well, until tomorrow cya later!

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  1. kite's Avatar

    I almost felt pro when I looked at my phone seeing how fast it was.
    I read that like you gained an achievement through diaper wearing.
  2. Rosalina's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by kite
    I read that like you gained an achievement through diaper wearing.
    Hahha thanks Whoop I got an xbox trophy! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.