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It has been interesting and scary lately.

I think one of the voices I hear talking to me has schizophrenia, well, it keeps telling me it does. It tells me that's what it has and that it is better than me for beating it, but that's so confusing.

Another one said that, it wasn't my friend anymore, and that it was tired with me, yet continued to talk to me. The rest tell me to give up and go die... At least they stopped telling me to kill Rhaina. I really don't like it when they say mean things to me.

Another annoying thing is where they talk to eachother, but ignore me completely. One was freaking out and started speaking, what I thought was Spanish, saying the other was acusing it of something... Then the other one was like, "Then why are you freaking out!" This was on my way to a class, it was strange. I don't like them there, but I'd be so alone if they left...

My therapist might take me to the hospital next week, when I see her again. I don't even need to go.


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