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Day 2 + Mellow & Rips?

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Diaper brand: pampers cruisers
Diaper status: just wetted…hehe

Today was a mellow day.
I worked 11-4 and only changed at 3:30
in case of smell…
the diaper held everything fine up until then!

No leaks thank goodness.
I think I’m paranoid now of leaks
I check my backside so much its ridiculous

I think I used 4 diapers today.
That’s actually quite a lot.
I wish there was a way to make it last longer but there isn’t really…aww :-(
My heart really goes out to incons and their wallet.
Because baby diapers are cheaper.
Adults are 3$ + and more!

I am learning to not care so much if people notice me wearing them or hear the crinkle.
I usually care what people think, but this helps me overcome that among other things.

I kinda miss being dry lol
I’m like never dry.
I’m usually sitting in my pee for hooours at hand.
Getting used to that is going to take some time.
I have mastered getting changed quickly!
Less than 5 minutes! That’s fast right? Lol right?

When I was sleeping at night my diaper ripped off on one side!
I woke up at 8 cleaned off and put on a fresh one.
But right now as I’m typing the one I’m wearing is ripping (nooo!)
But I need to use this to its fullest or I’m wasting money!

So cons: leaks, ripping…hmm I wonder what would happen tomorrow lol



  1. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    Well I know an incon friend of mine has his medical insurance company or something like that send him diapers (1 CASE, not pack) once a month for free because he's IC. Beyond that, if I were you? I'd try using something like depends max, and stuffing them with baby diapers. They would hold up more that way.
  2. Rosalina's Avatar
    That's a good idea I just cant fit my depends though.
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