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Diaper Dare, the first 24 hours

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So, right about this time yesterday, I put on the first of many diapers for NewGal's two week "Diaper Dare", and I figured I'd blog the day to day of it.

The purpose of this dare is ostensibly to walk in the shoes of an incontinent person for two weeks, I don't know, I'm doing it because:
A: I've been a diaper lover for some time now, and the longest I've ever gone consecutively is about a day, and I'm curious to try.
B: It's a dare, and those are serious business. I mean, if it was a Double-Dog dare, I bet the entire forum would be doing it. As it is, it's NewGal, Noodle and me (as far as I know) that are doing this.

A little background about me, and the challenges I'll be facing in this two-week period. I am a 19 y/o college student who is living at home and commuting to college (California Polytechnic University, SLO) on the bus. So I've got to bring enough diapers with me to last the duration while at school (three days a week I'm out of the house before seven and come back after six, so it's a bit of time, I'll definitely have to change at school). The next big hurdle is the fact that I still live at home, with parents that have no idea about all this, so hiding it from them and disposing of a prodigious amount of diapers will be a top priority.

That brings me to my next little bit, the diapers. I'm going to use CVS fitted briefs, which have a cloth like covering, Velcro, and best of all, are right about $11 for 20 of them, and that's a good thing because in these first 24 hours I've gone through FIVE diapers, that's quite a bit. I'm running a little low, so tomorrow I'll probably pop down to CVS and pick up forty of them (or maybe I'll just go ahead and get sixty so I don't have to go twice).

Anyhow, the first day has been good enough, I'm looking forward to the next 13 days, and I dare, nay, Double-Dog dare, anyone who's reading this, to join in.


  1. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    I WOULD join in now, but I have school; and I'm not about to risk getting caught padded in class. That said, come around X-mas Break time, I'll probably do this. ^_^

    EDIT: Just to add onto this, I've gone 3 weeks 24/7, and I didn't really mind it. Just saying.
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  2. Rosalina's Avatar
    Aww glad to see you joined in out little pact
    Tell me how CVS works for you in comfort and leaks! :-o
    I'm hiding it from my parents as well
    I am a college student like you also!
    SO my stash is under my bed in a a container

    There are some tips to hiding the sound of the diaper and the bulge
    which will be in my blog if you are completely fresh to all of this
    have fun dear! <3
  3. Beleg's Avatar
    (got here through the DARE thread, and you linked to this blog... so here I am)

    Wanting to answer about the CVS brief by Rosalina: The CVS brief is kinda comfortable for the first 8 hours, usually. It can only hold two wettings (in my experience) and it may leak a little bit if you use pressure on the diaper when sitting after the 2nd wetting. It definitely won't be able to hold up for the 3rd or more wettings. They do NOT have any standing leakguard barrier like most premium diapers do (although Depend has them).

    Also, the CVS briefs are quite easy to wear since you can refasten the tabs, HOWEVER do not try to pull them too tight (put them on tightly) or the tabs will break from the diaper. I think that goes for most diapers anyway.

    The bulge is kinda easy to hide with them, also.
  4. itsme's Avatar
    Shoot, I just got hit with the full fury of the flu, woke up this morning with a 101 degree fever, and feel miserable, probably won't be able to make it down to CVS today (I live outside of town, and I don't particularly want to drive all teh way down there and back). So I'll have to be postponing this. Later though.

    The CVS diapers are probably my favorite diapers of late. They are comfortable, quiet, will hold quite a bit (almost infinite if you don't sit down, quite a bit less if you do, they press out after about two wettings), they adjust very easily, and they are cheap.
  5. Beleg's Avatar
    Also something to add about this: CVS Day/Night is the same as Walgreen's Certainty Briefs, and also with Walmart's Assurance - except Walmart stores have stopped carrying the Mediums.
  6. boch121's Avatar
    Good luck about disposal with parents still around - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.