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I love being an AB

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Man, I love being an AB. I'm all set for the night.

1: Me and Humphrey will sit around on the computer 'till 8:30

2: I'll Put on a Diaper, Grab my nighttime paci, and curl up in bed and Watch TV. Humphrey usually plays with cooper, since he likes cartoons instead of boring shows where people talk. >_>

3: Depending on how wet I am, I'd usually change around 10 - 11pm before heading off to bed. I'd switch to my sleep-time pacifier which glows in the dark. Glow in the dark = Teh awesomeness. Cooper would get a few hugs before he gets placed on cuard duty, since he really doesn't like Sleep-hugs. (What a grouch) Humphrey always sleeps under my arm of a night, and often has a habit of wanting to switch which side of me he sleeps on. >_>

4: I'd wake up around 2am-ish, go to the toilet (or wet if I'm wearing a diaper) then go back to sleep. I try not to wake Humphrey up if I go to the toilet, but he always wakes up when I go in my diaper, since I hug him tightly when I go. o_o

5: I'd wake up when the sun comes up, since it's impossible for me to sleep when sunlight's around. I'd then switch to my morning snooze pacifier (Yes, I know it's sad I've got pacifiers assigned to certain times.), and nuzzle with Humphrey and Cooper for an hour or two, before I'd get up, get out of my diaper and go have my morning shower.

The point of that? Imagine how boring and uneventful it'd be if I wasn't an AB. I'd get tired, go to bed, then wake up. But you know, I wouldn't trade the feeling of waking up to Humphrey staring at me with his goofy eyes, The comforting feeling of a pacifier in my mouth, and the slight warmess of a diaper around my waist for anything in the world.

Now, a more pressing issue is at hand.. My porn folder has dissappeared. o_o;


  1. Kraiden's Avatar
    I think Humphrey may have deleted it a week ago, for some reason. o_O;
  2. Corri's Avatar
    Odd... my yiff folder poofed away as well..
  3. Vladimir's Avatar
    Porn!? You naughty little evil bastard! You will burn in hell!

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