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Day 1 ::::: Work & Depends & Leaks oh my!

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Diaper Brand: Pampers Cruisers 7

Diaper Status: DRY

I wore a depends the night before to get used to them before I work the next morning.

I woke up and had the morning pee obviously.

And it leaked…I was so mad. I only peed in it once and it leaked?


So, I changed and wiped all around and went to work.

I decided that the easiest way to do this was to push urself to go when you don’t even have the urge often. (and suddenly ur mind goes hey I actuallt got to go!) This is to avoid overflowing a diaper with so much fluid it doesn’t get the chance to soak anything, which causes it to leak.

{The most interesting thing to do is try to calm and release urself while talking to a customer at work.
They have no idea what you’re doing, but YOU do!
It’s relieving, but it feels wrong!}

So, I was in the same diaper from 9am-2pm and decided I wasn’t going to take a chance at work and leak.

I decided to change, in our 2 stall bathroom.

Hardest thing to ever do is strap sometihng on yourself while standing up.

Nonetheless, I did it and left the bathroom with my purse/diaper bag.

The rest of the day at work was fine. I was just waiting to take off that depends, however.

I begged my bf to buy me some pampers cruisers, because I couldn’t deal with the woman’s depends diaper insecurity.

The depends was so big when I walked the straps just came off because I had them on too tight!

And apparently I have my pampers! Yaaaaay!
They fit, and I am happy.

Apparently, since I had 30 oz of tea tonight, I only had to go pee at ONE time. my stomach or..bladder hurt so bad so I released.

And it leaked.

I waddled like a baby does when you know their diaper is full.

I felt so bad, or ashamed. Like, wow, i had an…accident? Or, what is this called? I’m already peeing on myself…

Oh well,

I then took a refreshing shower and now I am in a dry pampers cruiser. Well, for the time being anyway.

This was a hectic day and if I leak again tomorrow I will just pass out!


I do not recommend ever using a diaper thats too big for you.

It WILL cause a leak unless you MAKE yourself fit it.

Thank you, that is all!


  1. Effect's Avatar
    Sounds like a crazy first day :P
  2. Rosalina's Avatar
    You have no idea lol
  3. Noodle's Avatar
    wow a leak
    hope i dont run into leaks during school
  4. DracosWing's Avatar
    Well the more you get used to wearing a certain brand, the more you learn how to wet. I've done a 24/7 before and I only had to know how to wet. Once I did that, I no longer leaked. It was also a smart idea to not push the limits of how much the diapers could hold.
  5. Rosalina's Avatar
    Its true I'm so used to these pampers I haven't leaked once.
    I jus found a new love lol
    Good idea!
  6. Rosalina's Avatar
    True, it because they dont fit me. so if there are gaps...they can leak out.
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